As you may have guessed, we’re believers in tech. We don’t think it is infallible but we certainly think it works and makes almost everything in our lives a bit easier.

Also, we’re a bit scared of paper. Our unwritten rule here is to never use paper but if we do, immediately turn it into a digital format and preferably one that can be indexed, searched, tagged etc.  OneNote is our weapon of choice for the former, and the Office Lens app helps a lot with the latter. You may also like something like the (more beautiful) Paper app by fiftythree.

Of course – those are great for notes and such but we use a lot more than that – we use flagged emails to calendar & tasks on our phones, tablets and computers which all stay in constant sync with one another.

For team use we have other tools which we rely heavily on for service management and project management.

So – the thought of managing a schedule, task lists etc. without technology is a pretty scary one but I recently came across this video, which describes setting up a Bullet Journal to function as your task, note & calendar management tool.

Interesting? Yes, we think so.

Useful? Scary? Crazy? Let us know what you think in the comments!