Backup & Disaster Recovery

Every organisation needs a well-designed, monitored & tested Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan.

In addition to BDR, a solid business continuity plan should also be in place in order to ensure that your organisation can continue to function in the face of unexpected disasters. Fire / flood / snow / flu outbreaks – any of these and myriad other unexpected occurrences can severely impact “business as usual”. You need a plan in place to ensure that the unexpected doesn’t cripple your ability to operate.

We will help you create of a comprehensive backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution incorporating the latest technology and industry best practice.

Because every company is unique, our consultants will thoroughly audit your IT system and analyse your business requirements before creating a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution that fits with your company’s technical and commercial realities and budget.

We provide cost effective, fully managed backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored to your company’s individual needs and including a combination of backup, clustering, replication and the latest cloud technologies.

  • 70% of companies experiencing a major data loss without a recovery plan go out of business within one year
    Price Waterhouse CoopersTitle

Cloud Backup

Our cloud backup solutions automatically backup and store vital data from your network using a customised set of backup routines and retention policies that are designed to fit your organisational needs. Our cloud backup solutions provide a convenient, fool-proof backup system, giving you greater security and ensuring your data can be quickly and easily restored in the event of a disaster. Granular retention policies give us precise control of data storage.
As with all of our managed services – all of the above is customised before implementation and the intensively monitored, managed & reported on.

Backup Security

All your backups are protected by industry-standard (at the minimum) and frequently military-grade encryption algorithms. This protects your data at rest (i.e. on your servers and ours). All encrypted data is then transmitted via a further encrypted tunnel that ensures that you can rest assured in the confidentiality, integrity & availability of your data.