Office 365, Google Apps

When it comes to cloud-based productivity suites, there are very few reasons to look beyond the two giants of the industry – Google & Microsoft.

What’s a productivity suite, you ask? Put simply it’s a bundle of applications and services that you need to get your job done. Consisting of applications for tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets & presentations, combined with services such as email, collaborative calendars and shared storage, Google’s Apps for Work and Microsoft’s Office 365 offerings are both very compelling and mature products.

A word of warning: confusingly, these days Microsoft seem to refer to pretty much everything as Office 365 – from the consumer software you buy in PC World to their enterprise cloud services platform which includes services like Exchange, Lync & SharePoint. In this instance we’re referring to the subscription-based suite of cloud services designed for use by businesses.

We actively work with, recommend & partner with both firms in order to consult on, and implement their services. We’re impartial and always put our clients’ needs first before recommending a platform.

There are a wealth of resources freely available on the internet that compare the features & benefits of each service – rather than re-create those here, we invite you to contact us for a quick no-obligation chat about your needs so that we can help you choose the solution that best fits your requirements.

In a nutshell, we offer a full suite of services around Google Apps for Work and Office 365 including consultancy, implementation, customisation, on-going support and indeed fully managed services.

Whether you’re looking for some initial advice or are considering a migration, or need advanced assistance with customising your platform – give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

  • The choice of productivity suite is a critical decision for IT decision makers because these are apps used for core office work on a daily basis
    CloudProJan 2015
  • Office 365 is a reliable service that integrates email, document sharing and conferencing almost seamlessly with the new desktop versions of the Office software
  • Google Apps for Business is very competitively priced and easy to administer … may be too simple for some organisations