Monitoring, Management & Automation

The best infrastructure in the world will quickly fall apart if appropriate monitoring & management systems aren’t in place. We design our monitoring & management plans drawing on best practice from industry and vendors, as well as years of experience running IT systems for clients and ourselves. In order to gain efficiencies we then layer cutting-edge automation on top of this to provide as responsive and efficient a service as possible to our clients.

Managed Monitoring

We use award winning remote monitoring and management systems that are at the heart of all our managed support services. These systems allow us to access, monitor, manage, upgrade and fix almost every aspect of our clients’ IT infrastructure remotely.
We believe in empowering our clients so our systems are designed for workload sharing. This means that your internal IT resources can leverage this powerful platform directly. Alternatively, we managed the entire process on your behalf – either way, you can rest assured that your systems are being given all the attention they need.


Reporting is an essential component of our strategy to ensure that we maintain the highest service levels across all of our managed IT support services. A solid reporting relationship also ensures we always maintain a strategic approach to the management of your account.
We use reports in a live context to view instant snapshots of our entire managed infrastructure estate, as well as routine scheduled reports that can be used for trend analysis and management reporting.

Incident Management

Layered on top of our cutting-edge RMM (remote monitoring & management) platforms, we employ another award-winning, best-of-breed professional services platform which provides both account management and engineering with a “single pane of glass” view of our clients’ systems. Monitoring alerts, service requests, billing arrangements and a host of other services are brought into one platform to ensure that our team has access to the information that they need in order to best service our clients’ needs.
  • IT organizations in almost every sector are required to maintain and monitor their computers to various degrees.
    SANS Institute