Cloud Migration

Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud can be a daunting process. Perhaps you’ve decided that the cloud is the right choice for you, or maybe you’re still trying to decide. Whatever stage of the process you’re at, we can help.

Cloud or not?

The first step is for us to understand your requirements, workloads and processes and decide whether a cloud migration is a good fit for your needs. Frequently we will find some workloads and processes that would benefit from being run in the cloud, and indeed in some instances we recommend that a customer run 100% cloud based – our recommendations are always based on your specific needs

Getting the right deal

Once you’ve decided on a platform and vendor, you still need to make a number of important decisions. What size VMs do you opt for? What usage level to commit to? What third-party services do you need to wrap around the standard offering in order to provide everything from backup to monitoring to multi-factor authentication?

Management, support and on-going strategy

Once the migration is complete and the initial bedding-in period is over, we switch from project mode to operations mode, which consists of a thorough monitoring & maintenance plan, helpdesk support for your staff and regular strategic reviews to see how your IT is performing.

Choosing the right model, platform and vendor

Great – you’ve decided to “go cloud”. So, where do you run your cloud infrastructure? Cloud can mean so many things these days that the range of choices available today is extensive – and can be bewildering. Public cloud or private? Fully cloud or hybrid? Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure?


The fun part! Now that all the homework is done, we can crack on with the actual process of moving your infrastructure to the cloud. We manage the entire process, from start to finish. Everything from initial audit to final documentation, report & handover is included and we project manage the migration with obsessive attention to detail.
  • Cloud computing enables speed, agility and innovation. You need to move from the drawing board to deployment. Is your organization ready to adapt?