To commemorate Safer Internet Day 2016 (#SID2016), here is a great little set of tips from our friends at Microsoft to help make you safer online.


Here are the tips in a more text-friendly format:

  1. Defend your computer, tablet & phone
  2. Protect your data:
  3. Be careful where you click
  4. Guard your digital identity
  5. Avoid online scams
  6. Share Safely
  7. Don’t expose yourself to online risks
  8. Shop smart
  9. Upgrade your browser
  10. Keep kids safer online

We hope that none of these will come as news to you and that you are aware of most – if not all – of these measures to improve your online safety – but hopefully this will serve as a useful reminder to think about your safety, security & privacy and that of others you are responsible for!

In case you want to read further, here are a few links that you find useful:

UK – Safer Internet Centre

Report Illegal Content & Behaviour

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