Breach Response
Digital Forensics
NII has done extensive projects in digital forensics and has a dedicated team for carrying out these various activities. We have co-operated with law enforcement authorities in helping them getting leads in the forensics investigations and also played a vital part in internal corporate investigations for many of our clients. Our work ethics and quality deliverables have won accolades from many of our clients and their testimonials are strongest testimony to our professional and quality work deliverables. A representative list of some of the projects we have done are:
Analysis of dozens of hard drives and correlating them with financial documents to build a water-tight case of tax evasion, FEMA violations, disproportionate assets, etc. against the accused who was arrested on other grave charges. The evidence and reports provided by us enabled regulatory agencies to pursue multiple independent cases against the accused and law enforcement was able to file a 5000-page charge-sheet
Analysis of server logs to determine a breach in one of the country’s main telecom firms done by Pakistani hackers prior to Independence day. Complete details of the steps taken by the hacker and the malware uploaded onto the servers was provided along with detailed recommendations on how to ensure such an event doesn’t occur in the future
Disk-based analysis to retrieve deleted files, email correspondence and Internet browsing history of the suspect and determine the exact nature of the financial fraud as well as determine the list of accomplices.
Analysis of smartphones and tablets to retrieve BB Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS communication
Empaneled by a multi-national bank for all forensic cases in the Asia-Pacific region

Anti-Phishing and Site Takedown
With our SOC team’s experience of taking down hundreds of websites in the past, our takedown service is a well-oiled machine that is geared to respond to your alert at any point of time during the night or day. We possess the following skills that help us protect your customers effectively and immediately.
Quickly identify the website owner and the hosting provider
Contact the owners and co-ordinate takedown action
Use our network of worldwide partners to overcome language and geographical barriers
Use our extensive database of hundreds of hosting provider contacts to quickly pinpoint the right person to contact, rather than sending mails to abuse and webmaster email IDs
Guarantee an SLA of 12 hours for the site to be taken down
Leverage our relationships with anti-phishing groups and worldwide CERTs to bring additional influence and ensure effective take down.